A Bridal Coach’s Guide to Decision Making

A Bridal Coach’s Guide to Decision Making

One of the most talked about topics inside my Mindful Bride Tribe Facebook groupis decision making. It is one of the toughest parts of planning a wedding and it’s no wonder that brides are constantly finding themselves in major overwhelm territory. 

It’s natural that brides pin a huge amount of importance on every wedding decision, whether it’s the major decisions such as the venue or smaller ones. No matter what the decision, there is the potential for the decision-making process to lead to stress, which is NOT what any bride wants. 

What’s Your Barrier to Decision Making?

Mindset is huge when it comes to planning a wedding (and to life) and each bride will have their own mindset challenges that may get in the way of decision making. What’s yours? Maybe you’re a perfectionist so you won’t rest until you’ve found the “perfect” option. Maybe you’re prone to comparison so can’t help but look at what everyone else is doing and constantly question if your wedding choices measure up. Perhaps you have a tendency to get very overwhelmed which, let’s face it, is an easy trap to fall into when there are just so many options out there for every aspect of your wedding. “I’ll just see if I can find some more inspiration on Pinterest” – five hours later and you’re still scrolling!

Next time you’re stuck on a decision, pause for a moment and see if you notice yourself battling any of these challenges. I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve found yourself leaning towards most (or all) of these tendencies at some point in your wedding planning process. Don’t worry, this is normal and recognising it is the first step.  

Be Smart With Your Research

When planning a wedding it’s really important to do your research. I’m all for going with your gut but balance this with decent research as well and you’ll have the decision making nailed! Living in this ‘Instagram age’ can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to making wedding decisions. It can make overwhelm more of a challenge (keep reading for thoughts on that) but on the flip side it can also give you way more insight into potential suppliers than you would have had ‘back in the day.’ 

Let’s say you’re trying to find a photographer or a make-up artist – both of these people are going to be with you at very special moments and it’s vital that, not only do they do their jobs brilliantly, but also that they’re the kind of people you’d want to have around. Just by visiting someone’s Instagram feed you’ll get a great insight into them as a person, without even having to meet them IRL. If they don’t make you smile, swipe on by but if they do, drop them a DM! Simple.

It’s also important you look at reviews, credentials and their previous work – all of these things should be readily accessible on websites and social media. If they tick all your boxes, set up a call or meeting and go from there. Perhaps do this with around three contenders – having a list of more than that is likely to head you into overwhelm territory and no one wants that! Speaking of which…

Beware of Overwhelm Territory

There is ALWAYS going to be something better out there so there comes a time when you just have to stick to your decision. Let me be clear, I’m not saying to settle for something that doesn’t fill you with joy, I’m just saying to notice when you’re frantically searching for “just one more week”. This continued searching just makes you more confused and stressed. 

I said something a little controversial at a recent bridal coaching workshop.  I reminded the brides that actually maybe there are people out there who may be a better fit for them as a life partner. Just think about how many people are in the world! If we didn’t make a decision we’d be searching forever and be 85 before we found “the one.”  Have a think about what made you say yes when your partner popped the question. Had you spent crazy amounts of time hunting down something better? Probably not. More often than not, you justknowit’s right. Apply the same approach to all of your wedding decisions. A huge part of this is listening to your gut, which takes me to my next point…

Listen to Your Intuition

I constantly rave about the benefits of meditation, but this isn’t the only way you can ‘get quiet’ and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Our body gives us some excellent clues about what we reallywant. Let’s say you’re making a decision about whether to book a certain venue. Visualise yourself there. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, eating the wedding breakfast, dancing the night away. Do you feel any sense of unease in your body when you imagine this? A tight chest perhaps? Or maybe you find yourself smiling or even wanting to squeal with excitement?  Take some time to do this and breathe deeply and slowly whilst you imagine it. 

Your intuition has a habit of popping up and giving you help when you need it, but you have to be ready to listen. Visualisation is one of my biggest superpowers and I’ve created a free download on how to do it which you can get here. Visualisation can be beyond helpful when it comes to decision making!

There’s so much more I could say on this topic, but you have decisions to make so step to it lady! You can find out more about me on my website georginalucy.comor come over and say hi or Instagram. I’d love to help you with your decision making. I was a bride once and know just how hard it can be!

Georgina x

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