About me

In my early 20s I developed bad acne. And I felt no amount of makeup was ever going to cover it convincingly. But it did mean I often spent hours at makeup counters looking for products that would help conceal my problem. 

And that’s how I’ve ended up here. I love makeup. And I love the big reveals and transformations of wedding days. They’re packed with once-in-a-lifetime moments, which are why I love my job so much. The impact of your makeup spreads further than just you as an individual. To see a woman excited by the way that she looks is an amazing part of what I get to do. It’s all about how infectious that happiness can be to the people around them too.

A wedding day is a brimming with sentiment and meaning. Everyone that means something to you will be there. And in recognition of that Bridal Makeup is all about helping women show up on the biggest day of their life with pride in their appearance and comfort in their own skin.

What I believe is...

Through having skin problems in my early twenties I developed an interest for makeup. I have a real understanding for how makeup can transform your self-confidence.

Make-up is a powerful tool and the most rewarding part of being a Makeup Artist is helping women become a more confident version of themselves and to help make them feel special.

How I work

‘Join me as a client and leave me as a friend’.

Your wedding day is special and a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And I want to share in your excitement. So along the way there’ll be a few little surprises from me to help you enjoy your makeup experience.

Your trial is free of judgement and we work together to create a look that’s perfect for you. You get to hold the mirror the whole way through, so that we tweak as we go. 

Your makeup plays a huge part in your wedding day. And hiring a professional who wants to get to know you and is driven by the way they leave you feeling is priceless.

 Your Enquiry

Upon receiving your booking fee to secure your wedding date, you get a confirmation of your Bridal Makeup booking that outlines all of your wedding details.

Bridal Trial Experience

Your Bridal Trial is where we work together to create your perfect bridal look for you and your party. The best time to do this is around 6-8 weeks before the day.

Your Big day

On your wedding day you decide on where you get ready. That might be your home or a wedding venue. I’m happy to travel to either.