About me

My love and passion for makeup developed out of having severe acne as I left University in my early twenties. I trawled makeup counters looking for the latest products and advice on skincare in the hope that I could cover my blemishes or even cure my skin problems. I was suffering from a real lack of confidence back then and makeup was the tool I used to make myself feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.

Even though Art was my passion and therapy growing up, I also had a love for History and Politics and qualified as a secondary school teacher. I taught for 7 years and while I loved being in the classroom, my creative side won out in the end! It became obvious quite quickly that I needed to combine my love for the transformational powers of makeup and how it can lift confidence, with my academic side. I needed to run my own business and pursue a career as a Makeup Artist.

I love all genres of makeup. But bridal makeup is my absolute favourite! It’s so personal. And as an artist I always reflect on my past anxieties when I’m working with my brides and how makeup helped me with them. I never wanted to use makeup to look like someone else or as a mask. I fully appreciate the enormity of a wedding day and the importance of a brides makeup. Makeup should enhance a bride’s natural beauty and elevate her to a new level of confidence.

What I believe is...

Through having skin problems in my early twenties I developed a passion and interest for make-up. I have a real understanding for how make-up can transform your self-confidence.

Make-up is a powerful tool and the most rewarding part of being a make-up artist is helping women become a more confident version of themselves and to help make them feel special.

How I work

Your wedding day is extremely special and the one where you want to look flawless and feel your most beautiful. I’m honoured to be part of it and that’s why my services are personalised and tailored to suit your makeup needs. By working with me you are choosing an extremely thorough and totally bespoke service.

Discovery call

Upon receiving your deposit Helena sends you a confirmation of your bridal makeup booking that outlines all of your wedding details.

Bridal Trial Experience

Your bridal trial experience is where you work together with Helena to create a flawless bridal look for you and your party.

Your Big day

On the big day Helena travels to your venue in good time to set up in preparation so that everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.