Brows & Lashes

Your perfect bridal makeup look might have a focus on your brows or lashes and so I am pleased to offer all my brides add-on services of HD Brows or Nouveau LVL Lashes.




Neat, defined brows really do frame your face.

As a HD Brows Stylist, in preparation for your wedding day I’ll work with you to map out the best shape for the look you want and if needed, work on growing them too. In the long run, this will eliminate the need for you to fill them in with makeup too, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you feel your brows don’t have the look you really want.

The process:

Our brows grow slowly, so for this treatment you need a little patience.

HD Brows involves tinting to find the fine hairs that are needed to create your desired brow shape. From here, brows are then waxed to create the shape, before threading to buff away stray hairs; the process is then finished by tweezing and trimming to further refine the shape of your brows.

Repeat appointments are then booked in to ensure your brow hairs are growing in all the right places to create a full brow without the need for filling in with makeup.

The time it takes for your brows to take shape, depends entirely on how long your brow hair grows so the earlier you begin in the lead up to your wedding day the better!

Prices start from £30 

**Please note HD Brows require a patch test 48hrs prior to treatment**

Nouveau LVL Lashes


Lashes are the finishing touch to a makeup look.

If you want a full lash look but don’t like the idea of strip lashes or lash extensions, look no further. As a Nouveau LVL Lashes Specialist, a lash lift effortlessly enhances eyes and has lasting results too so you can enjoy your lashes on your wedding day and when you’re away on honeymoon too!

The process:

Nouveau LVL Lashes is all about enhancing your own eyelashes and is by far one of the most popular last treatments on the market. LVL stands for ‘length-volume-lift’ and unlike a traditional lash perm, it straightens your lashes from the root to create longer, lifted lashes.

LVL gives instant and lasting results (up to 6-8 weeks) and creates the same effect as curling or applying mascara to your lashes would.

This is the perfect lash treatment for those who are looking for low-maintenance lashes that look amazing without any effort and it works perfectly for bridal makeup looks.

Prices start from £45

**Please note Nouveau LVL Lashes require a patch test 48hrs prior to treatment**


If you’d like to consider HD Brows or Nouveau LVL Lashes as part of your wedding makeup package, please tick the box when you make an enquiry.