How long does makeup take on the wedding morning?

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How long your wedding makeup will take on the wedding morning is a question I hear from every bride! And the answer is nowhere near as long as it took to design your makeup with you at your trial. Your trial was where all the decisions were made, where we took it slowly and reflected on every brush stroke. So it was slow moving in comparison. We logged every detail on your face chart as we went along so that we could eliminate products if they didn’t work for you and very quickly get to work on recreating your dream makeup on the day itself.

Should hair or makeup be first on the wedding day?

Wedding makeup being applied.

Whether you should have your hair or makeup first on your wedding day is good question to ask. And there are a few ways to go about planning who should have what and when on your wedding morning. Your Makeup Artist will probably want to do your makeup last. This is because it’s most important … Read moreShould hair or makeup be first on the wedding day?

Why be a Bridal Makeup Artist?

I was that ashamed and insecure about my skin I couldn’t have left my room without putting in two hours of concealing just to camouflage my face. Everyday. Makeup has been an invaluable tool I couldn’t live without and at times I’ve totally depended on it. So how have I ended up loving an industry that has also played such a big part in these issues?