What’s in my Kit?

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What’s in my kit is my most frequently asked question. And the answer is products that have proven that they can last a very emotional day. Bridal makeup has to be long-wearing before anything else. After-all, the threat of tears, rain and humidity is high! But I wanted my kit to reflect the quality and luxury of a wedding day.

Recreate Meghan’s Bridal Look.

Close up of Meghan's bridal look

In an age where everywhere you turn you see a Kardashian clone, this makeup was poignant and well timed. Hopefully a turning point. Let’s go back the way we came. Let’s ditch the dirty contour, fake tan, extreme lashes, Insta-brows, layers of heavy coverage foundation and overly lined lips. And let’s embrace who we are and what we actually look like. True beauty lies there in our differences.

Why be a Bridal Makeup Artist?

I was that ashamed and insecure about my skin I couldn’t have left my room without putting in two hours of concealing just to camouflage my face. Everyday. Makeup has been an invaluable tool I couldn’t live without and at times I’ve totally depended on it. So how have I ended up loving an industry that has also played such a big part in these issues?