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The best way to get in touch is with an email as often it’s difficult to answer the phone. And I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Bookings are only secure when a booking fee has been received. The booking fee is deductible from your overall package price.

The best time to have your wedding makeup trial is around 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. At this point all of your bridal styling will have been decided. And your skin will be more like your wedding day skin. 

The bride is the only member of the bridal party who I insist has a trial. The brides trial is included in the cost. It’s up to your bridesmaids as to whether they want a trial or not. I’d always prefer to trial any member of the party that has sensitive skin or eyes, or any allergies.

All bridal bookings that are made secure your wedding date in my diary, so trial only bookings aren’t an option. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t like your makeup as long as you’ve done your research on your Artist and you’re honest at your trial.

At your trial you get the mirror the whole way through and we reflect on your makeup at each step tweaking as we go. Following your trial it’s best to wear your makeup for as long as possible to test that the products work for you. 

It’s no problem to tweak or change parts of your look on the day.

The number one objective of Bridal Makeup is for it to last. That’s why I only have products in my kit that I trust. This is more important than having a particular brand. Although, all of the makeup I use in my kit is premium, well-known branded makeup that can be found from makeup counters in department stores.

This is extremely important to me. All too often I have enquiries stating an Artist was unreliable. I’m a reliable and dependable Makeup Artist. And if extenuating circumstances arise following you making a booking, you will be told at the earliest opportunity. Be assured I will do all I can to honour my commitment. However, if it were that I was unable to then I’m connected to lots of like-minded Makeup Artists in the region that would be more than happy to step in to help.

How I work

‘Join me as a client and leave me as a friend’.

Your wedding day is special and a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And I want to share in your excitement. So along the way there’ll be a few little surprises from me to help you enjoy your makeup experience.

Your trial is free of judgement and we work together to create a look that’s perfect for you. You get to hold the mirror the whole way through, so that we tweak as we go.

Your makeup plays a huge part in your wedding day. And hiring a professional who wants to get to know you and is driven by the way they leave you feeling is priceless.

Your Enquiry

Upon receiving your booking fee to secure your wedding date, you get a confirmation of your Bridal Makeup booking that outlines all of your wedding details.

Bridal Trial Experience

Your Bridal Trial is where we work together to create your perfect bridal look for you and your party. The best time to do this is around 6-8 weeks before the day. 

Your Big day

On your wedding day you decide on where you get ready. That might be your home or a wedding venue. I’m happy to travel to either.