Dreading your Makeup Trial?

Dreading your Makeup Trial?

Working with a professional Makeup Artist isn’t something that people tend to do very often. And working with a Makeup Artist for your own wedding tends to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of thing for most. It’s also not unfamiliar for Makeup Artists to turn up and quite quickly realise that their client has little idea about what to expect. I think we take it for granted. We do this everyday, but if you’re not into in the habit of working with a Makeup Artist you haven’t got much to base your experience on. We hear horror stories all the time like when you popped into Debenhams for a foundation match and didn’t come out with anything remotely like your colour.

Yep, you need to let that go because working with a Makeup Artist is nothing like that.

There’s no reason for anyone to dread their wedding makeup trial. It’s not like going into Debenhams. It’s far more personal, there’s no retail target, there’s plenty more time and we can chase light around your living room, kitchen or dining room so that we do get that foundation match spot on. It’s not unusual for me to keep moving my chair forwards with the movement of the sun! Yeah, I know. It’s all part of the service though. My makeup trials are a lot more like makeup lessons. You get the mirror the whole through. We stop and check at every stage. We evaluate how it’s coming together and reflect on whether it’s what you ‘really’ want.

It’s makeup. It’s temporary. It can be altered. It just needs you to say so.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get to know your artist beforehand, so you feel comfortable saying ‘this’ and ‘not that’. We’re not easily offended, have a plethora of products, looks, hints, tips and tricks up our sleeve. We’re not one look pony’s. And most of all, we’re people pleasers and fully understand that this is the biggest day of your life! We’ll adjust things to suit you, give you our best advice and knowledge so that you get the most out of your makeup.

That’s our role, but how can you get the most out of your makeup trial? So here are 4 tips to have an A-class trial and put the wedding styling jitters to bed:

  1. Wear white or a light colour. Try to emulate your wedding dress! Find a light coloured top with a similar neckline. Wearing a black top will play down all the freshness in your makeup. You won’t get a very true idea of what the makeup will look like on the day by wearing dark colours.  Also bear in mind the weather. A drab and overcast day in February bears no similarity to a bright and airy spring morning. It might sound stupid, but it’s a factor and will affect the way you see you makeup. Sometimes these things are psychological. Other things that can help you see your styling coming together are having your hair trial on the same day (or at least having it in a similar style) and wearing your wedding jewellery. And definitely get that spray tan if you’re having one!
  2. Have an idea of what you like or at least what you dislike. And be prepared for us to say that getting a natural look might mean more makeup than you’re used to! For me theres two types of natural look… one where I think you’re saying ‘don’t cake my skin in foundation’ and the other being ‘not too much colour’. Try and be specific. We’re definitely not judging your makeup knowledge. We just want to get it right for you. The more your pin, explore, screenshot and save, the more you can better describe what you want. Think of it like taking a picture to the hairdressers. We’ll help you unpick what’s going on and advise on what’s achievable, and what will suit you best. My best advice is never to stray too far away from what you’re used to anyway. Otherwise groomy won’t recognise who is walking down the aisle.
  3. Let me in on the things that you do which make your makeup yours! If there’s one part of your face that bugs you, say. I don’t like my lips being lined and I hate my eyes with flicks. If I go that far I smoke it out. Blurred and not quite perfect lines and I’m way more about the top lash line than the bottom. And powder me up. Please powder me up. Aswell as correct AND conceal the bags under my eyes, thanks! All these things make my makeup mine. I want to know what makes your makeup yours? If gloss is your thing, let me know. Don’t ever wear mascara on the bottom lashes? Tell me. At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way. It all comes down to preference.
  4. This is the big one. Get into a skincare routine before your trial. Don’t wait until 6-8 weeks before the day for a Makeup Artist to say make some changes. If you’re a bride thats booked two years in advance (which isn’t unusual!), then start now. Lots of water and lots of veggies will work wonders for your skin. So will sleeping and getting a skincare routine. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just consistent. It will mean that we use far less makeup.  If you want your trial to be the truest reflection possible of the day then start skin prepping on booking.

I suppose the bottom line is that your makeup trial should be a conversation. You should be happy enough to say what it is that you want and your Makeup Artist can help guide you to it. There’s no need for it to be a scary process. It should be an enjoyable one where suggestions run freely. You should also try and set it up to be as much like the actual day as possible. So think about what you wear, your skin and do some homework. Your trial should leave you excited to see the whole of your planning finally come together on the day!




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