How can I get my makeup to last all day?

How can I get my makeup to last all day?

Struggling with getting your makeup to last all day? And you’ve chosen the height of summer for your big day? And as the temperatures begin to rise, so will the anxiety of whether your makeup will make it past your wedding vows. If you are doing your makeup yourself, it’s worth keeping seasonal changes in mind and thinking about how they might affect the longevity of your makeup on the day.

Whether their makeup will last the day is one of the biggest client concerns I hear! Afterall, your makeup has so many conditions to contend with alongside the weather. There’s also the humidity of the dancefloor, sentimental tears and lots of congratulatory kisses for it to get through. So the question is how can you get your bridal makeup or even your everyday makeup to make it through hot summers day?

Here are a few top tricks that you could incorporate into your makeup routine to make sure your makeup really is timeless on the day:

  1. Make your skincare a focus. Always! Consistency is the key. Find products that work for you and routinely use them; morning and night. Cleanse, tone, invest in a serum and moisturise. Alongside this, up your water intake. Hydrated skin makes a better canvas for your makeup. It’ll help your makeup last longer and you’ll cut down the amount of foundation you’ll need to use on the day.


  1. Use a primer before applying your foundation if you want your makeup to last all day, particularly if you have oily skin. At the moment I’m loving The Balm Time Balm primer for a flawless face. If you wanted to be even more cautious don’t forget you could give your eye makeup brushes a quick spritz with a setting spray too.


  1. Heat and humidity can lead to creasing eyeshadows. To stop this from happening use a cream eyeshadow base. It acts like a primer for your eyeshadow and gives the powder something to stick to. They’re commonly available from most brands, they come in a range of colours and can be applied easily with your finger. My most used is a MAC Paint Pot in shade Painterly.


  1. Lock in your lip colour with lip liner to keep it where it should be. Take it across the whole of your lip before applying your lipstick to give your colour longevity. After you’ve applied your lipstick, be sure to blot any excess away as a slightly matte lip has more staying power. And importantly is less likely to bleed or transfer onto your new husband, your guests or generally just travel around your face!


  1. Liquids needs setting, so that your makeup will last all day. Therefore make sure you have a powder to hand in hot weather. Compact powders are great for your big day, because you can cheekily get your groom to carry it in his inside jacket pocket. Perfect for your pictures together as you can quickly give your makeup the once over, check for shine and carry on without a hitch.


  1. To make sure your makeup will last all day, always finish with a setting spray. It’s not only great at adding to your makeups longevity, it’s a fantastic product to have to hand throughout the day. Some contain wonderful ingredients to calm your skin, and they’re refreshing. Not only do they add hydration back into your makeup to keep it looking its best, they can be a great pick-me-up for you too.


Other than being a polished version of yourself, longevity in your makeup is the main objective on the big day. It’s totally do-able for your wedding day or just hot days like we’ve been seeing lately. Layer up your makeup slowly. Don’t go too heavy too soon and set at every stage. That way your makeup will definitely make it into the small hours.

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