How long does makeup take on the wedding morning?

How long does makeup take on the wedding morning?

How long your wedding makeup will take on the wedding morning is a question I hear from every bride! And the answer is nowhere near as long as it took to design your makeup with you at your trial. Your trial was where all the decisions were made, where we took it slowly and reflected on every brush stroke. So it was slow moving in comparison. We logged every detail on your face chart as we went along so that we could eliminate products if they didn’t work for you and very quickly get to work on recreating your dream makeup on the day itself.

No one wants to be rushed on their wedding morning. So for me it’s very important to set aside plenty of time for you to get ready in comfort and to create an atmosphere which you can enjoy. There will be tears and distractions and those things get factored in to the time I think it will take me to create the looks that you want.

For the bride I like to set aside around 60 minutes to recreate your look. This is usually too much time, but quite often there are a lot of distractions. The venue have questions and updates, your groom sends presents over, the photographer wants the best pictures for your album and the florist will deliver your bouquets. So it’s better to take it slowly for you to enjoy these once in a lifetime moments. For me though, the more dabbing and buffing time I have, the better your makeup will be! Time spent on creating a smooth and flawless base is never wasted. Other areas I like to spend time on are the under-eye. Working on your under-eye will lift your whole look and time spent on your base will help your makeup last.

For everyone else I like to have 45 minutes. It’s worthwhile discussing colour schemes for your bridesmaids at your trial. And figuring out a palette which will work well with that. From there, even if I haven’t met your bridesmaids before it’s easy to personalise each bridesmaids makeup. If one loves liner we add it in, if one doesn’t like highlighter we leave it out. But to some degree, while it’s important that everyone should feel like themselves, it’s also important that they look like your bridal party. They’re your memories and your pictures, so as the bride you should always have the final say.

Lots of brides get ready at their wedding venue. This is great for Makeup and Hair Stylists as they’re usually well kitted out and cater for us. The Curradine Barns is one of my favourite examples with its sofas, and perfect little window to have your makeup done in front of. However most venues only open their doors at around 10.30am for their next wedding party. This can quite often play havoc with makeup and hair plans. If you’re getting married early, you may have to consider starting your makeup and hair prep somewhere else beforehand. I’ve started prep in salons, homes and hotels and then driven across to the venue to continue the prep there. Likewise, some venues prefer to move you onto the bridal suite when it’s ready. This can be quite difficult so late in the day as packing and unpacking a Makeup Artists kit is a fine art in itself. It’s worth checking the protocol with your venue. That way we can make sure we’ve factored in enough time.

Your prep time is one of the most exciting parts of the day, so its really important to get your timings right so that you can sit back and enjoy it!

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