How to cover dark circles under your eyes with makeup.

How to cover dark circles under your eyes with makeup.

I don’t know about you, but some days mine are like buckets. I can drink all the water in the world and go to bed really early and the bags under my eyes are still there. But luckily, there’s an easy way to conceal your excess baggage in three quick steps and with just three makeup products.

You’ll need a corrector, concealer, a powder, your finger (mainly) and a fluffy brush.

Together that little arsenal is the ‘secret to the universe’ according to Bobbi Brown. This is because these three little products can make such a big difference when used together. And as a bridal makeup artist, this is the trick I use on all of my brides for maximum impact while still keeping a natural look.

Covering your dark circles uses the same colour principles as covering a tattoo or bruise. It’s essential to neutralise the existing colour before you conceal. Without getting too technical, take a look at the colour wheel. Opposite colours neutralise each other. So red over green, orange over blue, yellow over purple.

Yes, you could go and buy a heavy duty concealer and apply layers of the stuff until you just about can’t see the discolouration anymore. But honestly? In the cold light of day you’re going to look awful. And that’s being kind.

So how do you cover your dark circles?

  1. Undereye corrector’s are peach or bisque. Using your ring finger, pat into the areas of discolouration found under the eyes and around your tear duct (kind of into the nose). Not sure what colour corrector to pick for your skin tone? Basically, the darker your circles the ‘peachier’ you need to go. Bobbi Brown have the most correctors on the market, so there’ll be something they can offer you that’s tailored exactly to the hue of your own eye bag. Good, eh? It’d be tempting to miss this step out. But when you do, you can tell. The greyness of the dark circle shows through the concealer. This makes the eye area still appear slightly sullen and sunken.
  2. Then conceal over the top of where you’ve put the corrector. Yep, with your finger. The warmth of your finger is great to softly pat the two products together. Remember you’re bringing the corrector back down to your skin tone in this step, so don’t go mad! You could go for a concealer with radiance as it’s the eye area. Illuminating here is ok as long as you stick to the dark circle. This is because illiminating concealers bring an area forwards, so I wouldn’t be using one on a spot for example. They reflect light and this would highlight the spot even more. But you could go two shades lighter with your concealer if you wanted a brighter look.
  3. The final step is to set your work. The yellow powder that Bobbi Brown sells in their concealer kit is perfect. Setting makeup is important so that the makeup doesn’t crease and settle into lines and wrinkles. That goes for any liquid makeup you’re applying. It might take a few goes to nail this perfectly, but the best brush to use is a fluffy eye blender brush. Lightly roll it in the yellow powder and the softly roll out onto the area you’ve just concealed. Remember we’re not ‘baking’, so don’t go piling on the powder. We’re chasing the natural look, not drag queen status. The yellow colour of the powder will help neutralise any final discolouration that’s showing through and keep the corrector and concealer in place.

Mastered that?

Well, short of surgery and a lifestyle overhaul, which aren’t always the most viable options financially or practically you could add these into your makeup routine for when you want your eyes to really pop:

  • The YSL Touche Eclait. It’s a brightener; not a concealer. And it’s amazing at what it does, if you use it properly. If you think it’s no good, then you’re using it wrong. Dot it where there is a shadow under the eye to brighten the undereye darkness and bring it forwards.
  • cappuccino or white eye pencil. I’m getting back into these! Often the waterline can appear a little red, making you appear tired. This will instantly make you seem awake and open your eyes. Your eyes will appear bigger and brighter in less than 30 seconds.
  • Curl your lashes. It’ll take less than a minute to do both eyes. Haven’t got time? Get an LVL lash lift. Wake up with lifted and tinted lashes for 6-8 weeks. It’ll rule out the need for mascara too, which will save you lots of time as you won’t be needing to apply layers and layers of mascara to give volume and lift to your lashes.

Next steps in getting rid of the dark circles, then?

Start by adding a corrector to your makeup bag. You probably already have a concealer and a powder so don’t jump in wholesale until you’ve mastered the basics. Let’s not over-complicate it. Over time you can become your own makeup artist and confidently rid yourself of all your excess baggage.

Let me know how you’re getting on in the comments below!

Helena Shakespeare- Makeup Artist x



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    • Hey Andrea! Thankyou. Let me know how it goes when you use them. And definitely get in on the white pencil action. Instant brightness, such a quick change and really inexpensive too. Winner!

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