Is Aldi makeup any good?

Is Aldi makeup any good?

I spotted the Lacura by Aldi makeup dupes while I was doing the weekly shop with my husband this week. The world seems to have been going mad for them, so I thought I’d be a fool not to purchase. Afterall, I was with a regular brow client the other day who had been using the Lacura Liz Earle dupes. And I actually commented on how lovely her skin looked. I was taken a-back when she explained what she’d been using. So while I wouldn’t usually buy my makeup from the supermarket, I thought I owed them a chance in my personal makeup bag as they’re relatively inexpensive in comparison to their high-end sisters.

I could only get my hands on the contour and highlight, bronzer and blush. The mascara was already sold out.

So what did I think?

Contour and Highlight

The Broadway Shape and Glow has uncanny similarities to Charlotte Tilbury’s Sculpt and Glow. The packaging is a prettier rose gold, with an Art Deco design. I’d say the packaging feels far sturdier too! My first issue with the shape colour is that it has a sheen to it. Contouring shades should be matte. Contours on the face are essentially places where we want to create shadow. And when have we ever seen a shimmery shadow? That said its extremely light, which works for me as I’m not a huge fan pf contour anyway. The glow product is pretty and extremely understated. I could see myself using the glow part of the palette far more. It’s not as yellow as the Charlotte Tilbury Glow, which I prefer. But there’s a reason the Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt and Glow is an award winner, but balance that against the fact it’s a £49 palette and the Aldi dupe is far more palatable £6.99. Could it be a no brainer?


The Aloha bronzer is probably my favourite. It comes with a little brush. And is matte! It’s described as a ‘universally flattering matte bronzer… for a natural sunkissed complexion’. This is my favourite out of all three products and only £5.99. It’s not as dark as Benefit Hoola (£25.50). It’s probably more reminiscent of Hoola Lite, which at this time of year isn’t a bad thing! Hoola scares some people off because it’s so easy to clumsily dump a lot of product in the wrong place by mistake. Queue madly trying to blend it out. Aloha isn’t as pigmented, so it’s harder to make this kind of mistake. And it’s not quite as orange as Hoola. It’s probably a more convincing contour colour for paler skin tones, than a ‘universally flattering’ bronzer.


The Lacura blush (£5.99) is described as ‘a universally flattering shade of coral blush with flecks of gold shimmer’. Now this product is a dupe of NARS Orgasm (£24). Probably THE most iconic blush out there. Known for its name and the fact that it really is universally flattering. But the Lacura version was the only product out of the three that was completely underwhelming by comparison. On application you can instantly see a golden shimmer that’s similar to Orgasm. And that’s where it ends. There was little coral colour pay-off. It was a flattering golden highlight. It’s not exactly a blush. It’s not buildable, because of the golden sheen that’ll be left on your cheek. The way that I’d actually use this product is by applying it over the top of a matte pinky-coral blush so that I could claim I was wearing Orgasm.

Would I buy them again?

Difficult to say. I’m not in the habit of buying cosmetics when I do my food shop, so just for that reason I probably wouldn’t. I’m not in that mind-set. I’m there for food. I wouldn’t usurp the originals and put these in my kit. I just don’t think they’re as thought through. They feel a little clumsy in comparison to the real deal. And I’d get through them at a rate of knots because there’s lots of flimsy shimmer and not much punch in their pigment. But that’s me comparing to the ‘original’ products. Quality of the dupe aside and viewed as an individual product of their own they’re great for the money. Really cheerful and friendly feeling products. If you want to feel like you’re part of the party and want something that’s also easy on the pocket, I’d say go for it! What’s the harm? But you’ll have to be quick. These things have a habit of only being in stock once in a blue moon.

***Queue panic buying and stock piling***


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