Should hair or makeup be first on the wedding day?

Should hair or makeup be first on the wedding day?

Whether you should have your hair or makeup first on your wedding day is good question to ask. And there are a few ways to go about planning who should have what and when on your wedding morning.

Your Makeup Artist will probably want to do your makeup last. This is because it’s most important for the bride to have fresh, flawless and absolutely perfect makeup to walk up the aisle with. If you’re a bride with quite oily skin, I’d most likely insist that you go last. To have had your turn earlier would have meant a few needless layers of powder. When fresh, radiant skin is the order of the day, slightly dulled skin due to over powdering isn’t going to win you bridal points. Alongside this, if you’re ready too early you’ll be raring to go. And this is also something that I want to avoid. A bride who is ready too early usually starts to panic that we’re behind schedule. This isn’t the case. As the bride you need to be ready with your dress on in time for the registrar. They’ll come and find you usually ten minutes before the ceremony. If you have cars, they’ll usually turn up ahead of the time they told you. If they are early, it doesn’t mean you have to leave immediately or that you’re running late.

However, there are times when I’ve decided that my bride should be the penultimate person to have their makeup done. This is usually the case when the bride is prone to something happening when she puts makeup on. For instance many women suffer from watery eyes. This can sometimes be set off by makeup, especially eyeliner, mascara or fake lashes. The problem here is the damage it does the makeup. Particularly concealer under the eyes and your foundation. But just allowing your eyes a little extra time to do their thing and settle is a good plan. Then only when its all stopped is it worth patching up the damage. If you were last in the queue, your eyes might not have time to get used to the makeup. And this would make it difficult to repair any tear tracks in your makeup, lifting lashes or smudged liner.

Ask your Hair Stylist and they’ll recommend hair last. This is because it’s actually easier for us Artists to work on your face when all of your hair is out of the way. I have to admit, it’s a lot easier to put makeup on a clean face that has hair in rollers. And who doesn’t want a roller shot in their album? I thought they were standard. Understandably they’ll want your hair to be your crowning glory. So if your hair just doesn’t hold a curl I’d be more than happy for makeup to be your penultimate service. No one wants to see your curls dropping or your chignon falling out as you walk up the aisle. What it really comes down to is what works best for you and your party.

For the day I put together an ‘order or service’ for my brides with timings on how it’s going to work for you. And I figure out exactly how long each person is going to take and the order I’d like to work in. If I didn’t meet your Hair Stylist at your trial, I’m more than happy to have a chat with them beforehand and just make sure we’re agreed on the best order for you. The likeliness is that your Hair and Makeup Artist have met before anyway. So even on the day it’s very easy to readjust our plan to work around your needs and in the time we have available.

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