So ‘the trial’ went well?

So ‘the trial’ went well?

I hate that phrase. Your ‘wedding makeup trial’.

It used to make me feel very uneasy. Almost nervous every time I turned up to work. Meeting a party of new people for the first time, changing the way they look and being put on trial in the process too!  But as a bride the term raises anxieties just as much. Not sure about whether the Artist is going to listen to you, whether you’re going to see the whole thing come together or have to wait until the end for the big reveal? And if that’s not bad enough, if you don’t like it how do you diplomatically say so?

If you feel like you’re putting your Artist ‘on trial’ you probably haven’t made the right choice. You should feel confident enough in their portfolio that they cater for what you’re asking for before you contact them about their availability. The rest should be down to having a good old chat and trying out ideas at your trial.

Phew… but thankfully you loved it! Part of me still holds my breath even though you’ve got the mirror the whole way through and we chat about products and the ways we can achieve exactly what you want.

So if the verdict is that you love your makeup at your trial, then how can you help make it even better on the day?

All Makeup Artists will say that the more we get to know your face, the better the makeup will be. We work on lots of faces, but yours is unique! Second time around your makeup will look even better. But there are a few things you can do to make sure that the big day makeup is even more beautiful. You have roughly around 6-8 weeks to go and that is plenty of time to make an impact and at little expense. So what can you do?

  1. Drink more water. Totally and unequivocally boring, I know. But it’s true. Makeup looks better on hydrated skin.
  2. Take your makeup off at night. Be religious about this. Keep cleaning until those cotton pads run clear.
  3. Get into a skincare routine. Use a moisturiser and eye cream at the least. If you don’t already, at this stage it really doesn’t matter what. I’m a believer in the fewer ingredients the better. Purely because skin is more likely to react to heavily fragranced potions with a massive ingredients list.
  4. Eat lots of veggies. Your skin will really be radiant and you’ll have way more energy. You’ll notice a change within two weeks if you’re consistent. So work on getting in your five-a-day.
  5. Get a facial and don’t neglect your body either. Arms and backs are often on show, so moisturise them too! There’s enough time for a couple of relaxing facials and maybe a full body massaged in the lead up to the wedding. Go get them done! Or invest in face masks you can do at home. But word of warning, don’t try any new products the week before the wedding! Reactions take time to come down and that is stress you just don’t need.

So the pressure is now off and its another anxiety ticked off the list. You’re pretty much on the home straight. All that’s left to do is loving look after yourself in the lead up to the biggest day of your life so far. It’s not expensive and it needn’t be difficult, it’s just good old self-care. Ramp it up and reap the benefits!




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