When should you have your wedding makeup trial?

When should you have your wedding makeup trial?

6-8 weeks before your wedding day is the perfect time to have your wedding makeup trial. This might seem a little late if you made your booking two years ahead of your date. But if you’ve done your research on your Artist then this really shouldn’t be a problem. When choosing your Artist make sure that you check out their portfolio, website and social media. Also decide if they’re someone you’d like to have around on one of the biggest days of your life. If you’ve got the right person for you then 6-8 weeks before the day should be fine.

4 reasons to have your makeup trial 6-8 weeks before your wedding day are:

  1. You haven’t planned all of your wedding yet and your ideas for styling are most likely to change and evolve. So there’s little point in doing your makeup trial too early! The more planning you’ve done, the more likely you are going to know for certain what it is that you really want to look like. Often the venue and the dress will dictate a sense of style, and the bouquet will give a good hint as to what colours you should be incorporating into your makeup look. Afterall, makeup really is a finishing touch that ties everything together.
  2. Trends change and you change! You might love a winged eyeliner at this moment in time. You might also have blunt bangs. But who is to say this is going to be your preference in 18 months time? And for your wedding? You might have always had a totally different look in mind for that special day. With 6- 8 weeks to go before the day, your hair has usually been grown into a style that works and you’ve settled on your current sense of style.
  3. Your skin will be more like your wedding day skin with 6-8 weeks to go. When you get engaged the wedding seems a long way away. If you have two years to go before your actual wedding day, then that skin concern you have might be long gone by the time you get wed. Would you want a full coverage from your foundation if your skin was totally clear? You might not, because you’ll feel completely differently about your skin after months or even years of hard work on it. So hold off until your skin is more like your wedding skin.
  4. Lastly, your Makeup Artists kit is a constantly evolving treasure trove! Products get discontinued, we fall out of love with products, we fall in love with new ones and better versions of products become available. Our kit year on year, is always totally different as we try out new things to give the best to our clients. They also expand beyond belief with every year in business… but that’s a whole other story!

The closer to the day we can meet up the better. We don’t want to leave it too late though. This is likely to just stress you out. It’s good to get all of the decision making out of the way and let your mind rest before the wedding. But on the other hand, have your bridal makeup trial too early and you’ll give yourself far too much time to play with and only add to the confusion surrounding your styling ideas.

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