Why hire a makeup artist for your wedding day?

Why hire a makeup artist for your wedding day?

There’s no getting away from the fact that everyone will be looking straight into your eyes on your wedding day. So imagine adding in the stress of having to do your makeup yourself on the day too. We’ve all been there. The first brow goes well, your eyeliner on your left eye is awesome… now for the second. And, oops! I’ll just even that out… yep, I know how it goes! Queue going from left to right around your face in a bid for symmetry. Who wants that on the biggest day of their lives? When you’re THE most sort after person in the room?


Doing your own makeup under this amount of pressure just isn’t enjoyable. So much rides on the look, afterall you’ve spent two years planning it. You’ve got the perfect setting, perfect dress, perfect hair, shoes, car, flowers, rings, food… but have you got your perfect face? The way you dreamed of looking?


So you’re thinking of hiring a makeup artist?


I get it. It raises your anxiety to let someone else near your face and interpret the look you want. That’s why I want to get to know my brides. And a good bridal makeup artist will be interested in your styling from day one. I want to know every last detail about your venue, your bouquet, your hair pieces, the cut of the suits, the cake, the suppliers you’ve hired. All of the things that make your wedding yours, so that I can imagine the feeling you’re going for too. To do this, I need to get to know you, and your wedding.


A good makeup artist will also get a trial planned in. A trial is a chance for you to be listened to. And to have a good run through all of the things about makeup that makes you anxious, to discover what you love and what will suit you, your skin and personality best. Your trial isn’t where the makeup artist gets to do what they want. It’s where they get to bring to life exactly what you imagined. It’s an opportunity to get to know you, learn more about you and create the look you’ve dreamed of. It’s a time to finally tie all that planning together and ensure that you have the confidence to show up on the biggest day of your life radiating confidence and brimming with pride in your appearance.


That’s why I love what I do. The impact of your bridal makeup is more than skin deep. The first look between you and your father, you and your congregation and most of all your groom is hugely affected by the way that you feel. Your makeup plays a massive part in those moments. And in that sense hiring a professional who is willing to get to know you, cares so much for your experience, has a passion for making it perfect for you and is driven by the way they leave you feeling is absolutely priceless.

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