Why you should have Brows and Lashes for your Wedding Day.

Why you should have Brows and Lashes for your Wedding Day.

A brides brows and lashes are the finishing touch to their wedding makeup.

You might not have thought about it yet, but when you see how brows and lashes complete your bridal look and pull everything together you’ll be glad you invested in them. Brows and lashes are face framers and have the ability to change the look on your face.  Get this pairing right and you could appear ten years younger in an instant. They’re an immediate and affordable face-lift! Fancy them?

It’s an overwhelming industry of its own. So what are your options and how can you get it right on your wedding day?

  1. Strip lashes are inexpensive, but there are a million styles and brands on the market. Some are dramatic and fake looking, some are more natural. It depends completely on your eye shape and the look you’re after as to what style to go for. Being a bridal makeup artist, I rarely ever carry anything that’s overtly dramatic. I tend to stick with are Eyelure and Ardell, which are available at Boots or Superdrug (the bonus being they’re usually on offer). And I go for styles that either cater for a natural look, add length, or increase volume. While you have lots of options with strip lashes, the biggest complaints I hear are that they don’t feel natural, that they’re heavy and don’t withstand tears too well. In this category there are also individual and cluster lashes. These are great to add drama to the outer lashes without ‘that’ feeling. Pro tip: I’d always avoid the glue that comes in their packets and invest in a tube of Duo glue.
  2. Lash lifts are ultra-flattering for everyone. They’re your natural lashes only lifted and tinted. Imagine your own eyelashes after a round with the eyelash curlers and a lick of mascara. This, but semi-permanent. They last a whopping 6-8 weeks (depending on your lifestyle), so they’re perfect for a dual whammy on your big day and your honeymoon. Plus you can cry to your hearts content on the day, because they aren’t going anywhere! It’s naughty, but with mascara on top they do look amazing. The down side to the treatment is that it’s addictive. You won’t end up just wanting it, you’ll need it! Pro tip: Have the treatment around two weeks before the day. A patch test is needed, but even so it’s far better to be safe.
  3. Classic lash extensions are a popular choice for brides. They involve a lengthy process of attaching one synthetic lash to one of your own eyelashes with strong lash glue. How long they last afterwards is really down to how you treat them; anything with oil or water in will work to loosen them and they will drop out. They shouldn’t cause any lash damage unless you decide to pick them off, have a lash that’s too heavy for your own or you’re wearing them too long. Always get them properly removed or buy a lash removal gel from your technician. You will need regular infills to keep them looking their best and to check your lash health every two to three weeks. The lovely thing about lash extensions is that you can pick your curl and length and they are secure for the day. Pro tip: have a run through set. I love the look, but personally can’t cope with their maintenance and the feel of them.
  4. Brows really do alter the way that you look. Get them wrong and you can create the illusion of a drooping face, eyes that are too close or too far apart and even a resting bitch face. Get them right and they can open your eyes and lift your whole face making you look younger. The Hdbrows treatment is perfect for brides, because weddings are booked generally two years in advance, so there’s plenty of time to get them into shape. That works because brows are notoriously slow growers! One single brow hair takes around 3-4 months to grow in. And then it’s a case of giving that brow hair time to thicken. You will have to put some work in and persevere, but the pay back is worth it. The aim of this particular treatment is to create an all natural brow and get rid of the need to add makeup to your brows to fill any gaps. Pro tip: get on this bandwagon as early as you can! Brows are stubborn and can’t be sorted out within a month of your wedding day. They just don’t grow that quickly.

With an overwhelming array of options it’s difficult to know which option will suit you best. They will make all the difference to the way you look and ultimately impact the way that you feel on the day too. It sounds dramatic, but they really do bring an indescribable, but subtle ‘extra’ to your look. They might not be something that you do everyday, but isn’t that the point of a wedding day? To be the most polished, picture perfect version of yourself on one of the most memorable days of your life.

Which were you thinking of trying for your wedding day?

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